How the Truma AquaGo works

The Truma AquaGo instant water heater is connected between the vehicle’s fresh water supply and its hot water system. When the appliance is switched on, the burner starts automatically as soon as the hot water tap is opened and the flow of the water is greater than approximately 1.5 L per minute. The stepless burner control adjusts heater output according to flow and inlet water temperature, maintaining an outlet temperature of approximately 49°C.

A temperature stabiliser minimises fluctuations in the outlet temperature. A comfortable water temperature at the tap or shower is achieved by mixing with cold water. The burner switches off automatically when the tap is closed to conserve LP gas. The basic Truma AquaGo water heater does not have frost protection and should not be used or filled with water when there is a danger of freezing.

Truma AquaGo – Safety features

  • Three thermal cut-off switches protect the appliance against excess temperatures.
  • A flame monitoring device switches off the gas supply to the burner if the flame extinguishes.
  • If voltage drops, the gas supply to the burner is switched off.
  • In the event of a short circuit (>10 A), the fuse switches off the appliance.
  • If the flue fan fails, the gas supply to the burner is switched off.
  • A thermal cut-off switch prevents very high water temperatures, i.e. above 85°C inside the heat exchanger.
  • An exhaust-gas over-temperature switch prevents very high exhaust-gas temperatures, i.e. above 160°C.