Truma LevelControl

Truma LevelControl

Check your gas level via App

  • Gas level now even easier to check using the LevelControl App

  • Quickly and precisely measures the gas level in kilograms and per cent

  • Suitable for steel and aluminium LPG gas cylinders with diameters of 200 to 350 mm

  • Easy to integrate into the iNet System

New: Two apps – greater flexibility

Truma LevelControl App: Check the gas level via Bluetooth

Truma App:

  • Check the gas level via text message, even when travelling
  • Connect other Truma appliances such as heaters and air conditioners to the iNet System
  • Requirement: Truma iNet Box

Download the Truma LevelControl App to your smartphone now!

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Making life easier: Truma LevelControl

If you prefer holding your smartphone to tilting the gas cylinder, you’re in luck, because the LevelControl lets you do just this. The gas level measuring device uses ultrasound to measure how much gas is left in the cylinder and displays the result in the app. Attach the LevelControl to the bottom of the cylinder, open the app, check the gas level – it couldn’t be easier!

The new LevelControl App also gives you the option of using Bluetooth to check the gas level. This functions conveniently and reliably in the vehicle and outside it when within range. 

Truma LevelControl features

  • Notification when gas level is low
  • Use several LevelControl at the same time
  • Adheres magnetically to any steel cylinder – and, thanks to a clamping sheet, also to aluminium cylinders
  • Works with all current European gas cylinders – simply select the model from the extensive database

The LevelControl is not suitable for plastic gas cylinders, refillable tank gas cylinders, gas tanks or butane gas cylinders (camping gas).

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Find suitable accessories.
LevelControl clamping sheet for aluminium gas cylinders To attach the Truma LevelControl to aluminium gas cylinders.