MonoControl CS

MonoControl CS

Gas pressure regulator with crash sensor for single-cylinder operation

  • Easy to see if the crash sensor has been triggered and easy to reset

  • Lightweight

  • Quick to install

More details about the Truma MonoControl CS gas pressure regulator

The new generation Truma MonoControl CS is a gas pressure regulator with integrated crash sensor, which is suitable for a single gas cylinder. The sensor ensures that you can also heat your caravan or motor home safely while you’re on the road. Should you be involved in an accident with a collision speed of about 15 to 20 km/h against a solid object, the crash sensor stops the gas flow immediately. If the gas system is damaged, no gas can escape. The MonoControl CS gas pressure regulator is also ideal for stationary operation at campsites.

If the crash sensor has been triggered, it can be easily reset. Simply press the yellow reset button on the MonoControl CS gas pressure regulator and the gas pressure regulator is ready to use again. The regulator output is 1.5 kg/h, which is suitable for maximum consumption. You don't have to calculate appliance consumption or the flow rate of the gas system.

Truma gas pressure regulators fulfil the strictest standards, but they can still be damaged by aerosols from contaminated gas cylinders. This is why Truma recommends that you use the Truma gas filter.

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Find suitable accessories.
Level Check Shows the filling level of your gas cylinder quickly and reliably. Using ultrasound, it shows whether there is gas within the measuring range.
High-pressure hoses with hose rupture protection To operate appliances while driving or stationary. In case of damage, the safety device is triggered and immediately stops the gas flow.
Truma gas remote switch Conveniently interrupt the gas feed from inside the vehicle at the press of a button. Works with a solenoid valve that closes automatically when there is no electricity.
Gas Filter Protects your gas system against oiling and extends the life of the gas system and gas-operated appliances. Installed upstream from the gas pressure regulator where it filters evaporation residues from the gas flow.
EisEx, 12 V Electric regulator heating prevents icicles forming in the gas pressure regulation system. Also ensures a trouble-free gas supply in winter conditions. Also suitable for SecuMotion.
Outdoor gas socket Conveniently connect external gas appliances, such as barbecues, cookers or lights. Suitable for gas appliances with an operating pressure of 30 or 50 mbar.