Truma iNet X Panel

Central operating system for retrofitting

  • Available from January 2022

  • Extendible and updatable

  • Colour touchscreen

  • Control via smartphone possible

  • Integral part of the iNet X System

Our central operating system for retrofitting – intuitive and future-oriented

The Truma iNet X Panel allows various different appliances to be controlled by a single control panel. A basic scope is currently available, which is being further extended. The panel is an integral part of the Truma iNet X System. The special thing about it is that the open system solution allows intelligent services to be added – even if the system has already been installed. Compatible appliances can also be added subsequently.

The Truma iNet X Panel is the key to our new technology and the first step to a smart camper van.


  • Central control unit: manage your appliances with just one operating system
  • Future-oriented: add future appliances and services subsequently by means of updates
  • Intuitive operation: use your smartphone alongside the installed control panel to control your appliances
  • Reliable: benefit from regular optimisations and detailed error notifications in the event of any problems

Retrofitting from the Truma CP plus to the Truma iNet X Panel is possible – and it’s worth it: the update capability and constant further developments are a big step forward and future-proof the panel. Control is also easier and very intuitive thanks to the colour touchscreen.  

Current basic scope*

  • Operation of Truma appliances
  • Operation of third-party air conditioning systems
  • Automatic climate control
  • Inside & outside temperature display**
  • Precise fault designation with advice on solutions
  • Control possible via app

Future expansions with new products and services can be easily added. A list of all compatible appliances can be found here.

*may vary depending on vehicle equipment. 
**Only possible with the “iNet X room temperature sensor”

Free app that works with the Truma iNet X Panel

The Truma iNet X App has the same basic functions as the Truma iNet X Panel. The connection is currently via Bluetooth. If the temperature gets chilly overnight, you can set the heater to a higher level without having to get out of bed.  The app also allows you to expand and update the entire system. This makes it possible to add further appliances in future and to integrate smart services.

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